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Sep 19, 2010 11:00am PDT
that is how it should be. most of the original and commonly used names here are german, while most of the italian names were imposed during the fascist rule of mussolini. in recent years, the local chapters of the alpine club every new some 36,000 signs, many of them only in german, which bothers some italian hikers. >> if the signposts are only in german, it limits the number of people who want to come here. lots of people from central italy, for example, would have a lot of problems with that. >> in rome, the italian minister for regional affairs has told the south eta residents -- the south tyrol people to use different sign posts. it is belligerent statement is guaranteed to rob people the wrong way. south tyrol has not come to terms with its past. the release of mussolini on the local finance building it is seen as another case of italian arrogance. this person sits in the local parliament for prime minister silvio berlusconi's parliament. he is not comfortable with the debate surrounding the signposts. >> this has been in italy almost 100 years. i don't say this is italy, like t
Sep 5, 2010 11:00am PDT
, i only eat halal. i used to order only fish when i came here. now i can eat meat. >> considering how many muslims live here is a good thing they serve halal meat. >> it is revolutionary to see a non-muslim chain offering halal. that is what is special. non-muslims have realized this is a gap in the market. it is great for us. >> some french people are unsettled by this development. for example, one has written a letter of protest to his municipal government, citing the french law insuring separation of religion and state. >> we have been upholding the separation for centuries in the public arena. we are citizens of french -- citizens of france and you know where our religious affiliations on our sleeve. this principle is at risk and many citizens are worried by these developments. >> even this nearby japanese restaurant has gone halal. stores and restaurants are no longer a niche market. you used to have to head to the back streets of immigrant neighborhoods. those days are long gone. halal is mainstream whether non- muslims like it or not. >> anybody buying a burger here is auto
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2